Ipswich Strategic Streetscape Initiative

Ipswich, Queensland, Australia 

Ipswich Strategic Streetscape Initiative was a program to upgrade and improve a number of streetscapes in the Ipswich region.


Ipswich Strategic Streetscape

This streetscape initiative program aimed to review, assess and propose improvements and upgrades to a number of entry points, shopping strips, primary thoroughfares and arterial roadways surrounding the Ipswich region.

Citicene were engaged to review each streetscape, determine an appropriate design strategy based on the regional context and propose upgrades.
Landscape character was determined by the surrounding context of each individual precinct and included consideration of the local built form, historical context and use and also consideration of the surrounding existing vegetation.  

Landscape treatments included street trees, street furniture, feature pavements, other feature elements such as flagpoles as well as pocket park enhancements. 


In addition to this, some precincts required the assessment and application of stringent TMR - Department of Transport and Main Roads requirements including setbacks for vegetation to allow for clear sightlines and vehicle safety zones. Streetscapes completed included:

- Brisbane Road Bundamba
- Carole Park
- Haigslea
- Kruger Parade
- Mount Crosby Road
- Warwick Road

Citicene delivered ideas, concepts and schematic design deliverables for each precinct throughout the region.

Ipswich City Council
Ipswich City Council


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