Mackay Landscape Architects

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Mackay Landscape Architects

Central Queensland, Australia

Mackay is a regional centre of Queensland that is growing quickly with a range of new development and infrastructure projects across the region. Mackay Regional Council has specific requirements for any landscape associated with development and achieving approval requires specialised landscape advice.
The development of public and private spaces brings a broad range of challenges. With regard to landscape, Mackay Regional Council has specific design guidelines that apply to any development in the region. 

These guidelines define Council's minimum landscape requirements and assist developers and designers achieve a the required standard. All on-street landscape associated with a development is required to be designed and documented to meet Council's requirements including typical landscape items such as street tree planting, grass establishment to road verges and landscape to traffic islands and buffer mounds.

Council should be consulted prior to commencement of the landscape design to ascertain whether there are any site specific design requirements. Council has plant selection guidelines and suburban planting themes and developers and designers are encouraged to consult with Council in the preparation of the landscape design.

Citicene has been involved in numerous projects throughout this regional City and successfully negotiated the landscape component of a number of commercial developments through Mackay Regional Council.

From small telecommunications infrastructure through to larger commercial warehouse developments, Citicene has been involved in a number of projects across the Mackay City on both Northern and Southern approaches of the town. We have the experience to negotiate with Mackay Regional Council to have your landscape approved and delivered to satisfy all stakeholders requirements. 

Contact us now on 07 3161 6420 or email us to find out more about how we can deliver landscape architecture and design services for your next Mackay project.




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